So excited our new set, “Liz in The Land Before Time” is up on Zivity. We have previewed this set for some time but never before have we shown the full set, until now.

Sign up for Zivity and enjoy the uncensored set, and vote for some sweet incentive images.

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Photo Set

So, we now have several sets up on Zivity, and will have submitted 3 more in the next few days (see sample images above) and we intend to have a new set up every week.

Fans of our work, or for those of you who have just wanted to see more of Liz than the samples we have been feeding this Tumblr with, now is your chances to get full uncensored sets over at Zivity.

Zivity is the only place to see the full body of our work, both sets from the archives and upcoming sets.

Zivity is more than worth the membership because it is such a rich community of artists and models.

I am literally going through the vast archive of our work and finding never before seen images, and re-editing older images with a fresh approach.

We are having a blast at Zivity, meeting new friends and fans, and becoming fans of a lot of cool people’s work. It has been a great experience. 

We hope you will join us there and enjoy our work as it deserves to be seen.

Liz’s Zivity profile…

Terry’s Zivity profile…

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I had my hands full but I needed to turn on my light

so I just used my mouth and flicked the switch up with my tongue

and then I realized






the best part is you literally turned him on

I hope you used protection.

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Vanishing Waves aka Aurora (2012)

Photo Set

Zivity Set Incentives Preview! 

We have submitted one of our hottest and edgiest sets yet to Zivity, and are preparing to offer a very special voting incentive prize for 500 votes!

Zivity has a unique voting system that allows you to vote for your favorite images and support artists, and it is the most artist/model supportive site I have ever encountered.

One lucky voter who is the first to vote 500 votes is going to receive a special package consisting of a case containing, our 300 page 12 x 12 hardcover book “Liz La Point - A Photographic Journey” soon to be unavailable forever and containing a HUGE selection of our work so far, the actual shredded stockings from the shoot (once Zivity members see this shoot they are going to want this rare prize), a USB drive containing the entire 40 image Zivity set, plus 65 additional images too sexy for Zivity and some exclusive bonus images, and a handwritten “Thank You” note from Liz.

This is an EPIC prize! (Smaller voting incentive prizes will also be offered.)

Now is the time to sign up for Zivity and be apart of an amazing group of models and artists who support each other.

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Terry’s Zivity profile…

Check out the $300 Hardcover Book


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Photo Set
Photo Set



Husband & Wife Team - Model & Writer, Liz La Point & Photographer Terry Osterhout

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A life of art and love.

It started as a working partnership, became a deep friendship, and turned into love.

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